Beaded Necklaces w/ Leather Pendant

Multiple Colors & Designs

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Multiple Colors & Designs

Beaded Necklaces with Leather Cord to Tie Together

Leather Pendant (Multiple Designs)

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Celestial Crystal Bead w/ Lady Boss Leather Pendant, Shiny Silver Beads w/ Feather, Silver/Clear Beads with Leather Pendant, Green Beads w/ Rectangle Leather Pendant, Light Green Beads w/ Feather, Periwinkle Beads w/ Red Leather Pendant, Celestial Green Beads w/ Leather Pendant & Red Bead Accent, Mustard Beads w/ Star, Red Beads w/ Long Pendant featuring Beads, Salmon Pink Beads w/ Diamond Pendant & Cross, Fuchsia Beads w/ Leather Arrow & Heart, Red Beads w/ Leather Rose Pendant, Royal Blue Beads w/ Leather Star, Silver Beads w/ Teardrop Pendant, Beige Beads w/ Horse Pendant, Multicolor Beads w/ Route 66 Pendant, Dark Red Beads w/ Leather Pendant, Sparkle Black, Sparkle Light Green, Sparkly Salmon, Aqua Feather/Arrows, Sparkly Aqua, Sparkly Light Blue, Shiny Aqua w/ Feather, Aqua Boss Lady, Small Aqua, Celestial Black w/ Horse, Charcoal, Celestial Shine, Silver/Grey, Gold Sparkle, Tan/Beige, Multi-Color Sparkle, Celestial Black/Purple, Pink Beige, Ruby Red, Pink Beige Shimmer, Periwinkle Shimmer, Periwinkle Sparkle, Yellow Shimmer, 2 Tone Light Blue, Celestial Purple Shimmer, Orange w/ Blue Accent, Shiny Aqua Buffalo, Multi-Color Blues, Multi-Color Natural


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